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Issues with payments

What to do if your Credit Card payment is rejected

Some customers have reported issues while trying to pay with their credit card.

They receive a message saying "Payment declined", "Invalid Credit Card" or something along these lines during checkout (the exact message depends on your CC company).

We're going to cover the possible causes for this message, and the alternatives you have to be able to issue your payment.


There's a wide variety of causes for this error, the following ones being the most typical:

  • No available funds in the account when paying with a debit card, or credit limit exceeded when paying with a credit card.
  • Limitations on the maximum amount allowed to be paid in online purchases.
  • Limitations on international payments. Our company's headquarters are based in Australia, as is our payment gateway (which accepts the payments), so in some cases your CC company may disapprove the payment for this reason.
  • Our payment processor could not process payments made with Discover credit cards. Please use Paypal as per the instruction below if you want to pay with your Discover credit card.

From the simplest to the most complex one, here are some methods you can use to be able to finalize your payment:

  • Try with a different credit or debit card.
  • Pay With PayPal. No, you don't need to have a PayPal account or create one, just follow these simple instructions:

          In the checkout page, click on the "Checkout with PayPal" button. In the pop-up window, click on "Pay with Debit or Credit Card":

In the next screen, enter all your shipping and billing information. If you don't want to have a PayPal account created, just select the appropriate radio-button, as shown below:

And that's it, PayPal will process your payment, and we will receive it and ship it in no time!

  • The third option, which can be more cumbersome but you may find useful if you are going to continue purchasing online, be it from us or other vendors, is to talk to your bank and ask about the reason for the payment being declined. Usually, it's as simple as them enabling your card for international transactions.

We hope this guide helps you complete your payment, and start enjoying your items as soon as possible!